TEK-NET installation technicians are experienced in the assembly procedures for a variety of high quality office cubicle and panel systems, ranging from the individual office to multiple office projects. Thanks to years of training and experience, our staff is well versed in the installation of a variety of office furniture systems from many of the popular manufacturers. We also offer complete office furniture installation and cubicle installation services for conventional and specialized furniture and equipment.

On every project that TEK-NET undertakes, an experienced TEK-NET project manager executes the following procedures to ensure a quality installation and a satisfied customer:

  • Check and verify all plans and specifications.
  • Field measure the job site to verify that the dimensions on site conform to those on plans.
  • Attend all necessary project meetings with concerned parties and trades involved, in order to complete the project in the most efficient, timely and agreeable manner.
  • Coordinate all phases of the project with the electrical, telephone and data contractor and any other trades that will have an impact on the office furniture installation schedule.
  • Formulate a furniture project schedule based on the information collected from the project meetings, which indicates the dates and times of delivery, installation and completion of furniture as well as dates and times of work of other contractors involved with the office furniture installation/dismantle process.
  • Discuss the flexibility of schedule with any party and will revise if possible to cater to the needs of parties, providing that such revision does not alter office furniture installation completion date or delay other trades involved.
  • Receive, inventory and inspect furniture at the job site.
  • Assemble the right size office furniture installation team for the job - each with appropriate training in all manufacturers' specifications.
  • Provide daily and/or weekly field inspections and written reports as required to monitor the project's progress.
  • List problematic situations and punch list items if any, and forward to the respective parties for their review.